Friday, February 10, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday – 4


Yes, I missed two weeks. No, I don’t really have an excuse, but I’m going to try to justify it anyway.


Over the last weekend in January, our daughter was in her high school’s production of “Les Miserables”. She was Little Cosette.

She was awesome. The other kids were pretty awesome too. Rumor has it the production will receive some type of high school theatre award for being so awesome. The audience said the show was so awesome it was better than some professional productions they had seen. Awesome!


Either a) I need to work on my vocabulary or b) I’ve been watching too much of Barney on “How I Met Your Mother”. Silly streaming Netflix!


Last week, I finished my research paper and my PowerPoint for my computing class. There’s nothing like throwing some Catholic-like trivia at your classmates via the class discussion boards. My topic was “El Camino de Santiago”. Why yes, I will be using electronic media to evangelize subversively! In all fairness, we WERE allowed to choose ANY topic we wanted for the project. A health professional in our class chose leprosy so I guess anything is fair game, right?


Our next project will be building our own web page. No, a blog doesn’t count. Would anyone care to make any suggestions for my new topic? I’m thinking apparitions of the Blessed Mother right now – Lourdes, Fatima, Kibeho… J


I’m still hooked on “Downton Abbey”, and I’m none too happy about the whole Lady Mary-Sir Richard thing going on. I guess that’s what makes it all dramatic.


I’m midway through Week 7 of the secret workout project. Simply challenging myself to run longer than recommended in some of the earlier weeks moved me up in the recommended workouts. Yes, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I’m really competitive with myself if no one else. I do wonder though if running these “long” distances on a treadmill will actually translate into the real world someday. I’ll have to test that theory out after I hit the 3-mile mark and actually do well with it.


Bless you this week!


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