Sunday, October 15, 2006


It's about to get even more quiet than usual around here.

My homeroom class and I are starting a 21 -day media fast tomorrow as part of our Bible devotional, The Hardest 30 Days of Your Life. Unfortunately, I have to seriously curtail my internet use--work purposes only--which means the blog is going silent. I am allowing myself to check in once a week, so I'll post anything exciting then.

I finished the first Jaywalker, and I was hoping my swag from Scout would arrive in time to start a different sock instead. I am going to have serious second sock syndrome with this pair! The package won't arrive until tomorrow (as Scout predicted in her blog), so I cast on the 2nd sock just to have one in the traveling knitting bag. I have to have a traveling sock!

To distract myself from the zigging and zagging, I also cast on for Icarus using my Black Bunny Fibers laceweight. It is working up beautifully, and I'm hoping it will relieve some of my sock monotony. I'm really jonesing for a sweater though, but I can't justify it with two shawls and Clapotis on the needles.

Stay tuned for rare updates on my progress with the fast, the 2nd sock, and the new shawl. I'll be around, but I'll just "be vewy, vewy, qwiet!"

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