Friday, October 26, 2007

Safe for Now

Thank you for all your prayers, mental hugs, and good wishes. Our family has made it safely through the 2007 wildfires. There are so many people who haven't though, so please keep praying for the ones who have lost homes and the firefighters and rescue workers who remain on the lines helping to fight and to control the remaining fires.

The fire actually came within 1 to 2 miles of our house on Tuesday morning. We waited all day for the reverse 911 phone call to tell us to evacuate our home. We spent Tuesday watching the firefighting helos drop water on the active flames on the hills and mountains behind our home. By Tuesday night, the fire line had moved back to the east with the help of changing winds, and we were out of immediate danger. We continued to watch the fires all day Wednesday and yesterday to ensure we were safe. As of this morning, there are no remaining active hot spots in the fire closest to our home, but the firefighters are remaining on station to control any smoldering areas. There are areas in the county with active fires though, and some people are still being evacuated from their homes.

When some friends of ours who had to evacuate moved back into their homes yesterday, we decided it was safe to unpack the cars, and we did that last night when the DCA got home from work. Through all this, we only lost the glass in one picture frame. We are so blessed--especially in light of all those who have lost so much.

I've spent this week watching the news--in spite of my class's media fast--and working on Hanami. I bought the yarn and pattern earlier this year to remind me the school's spring trip to Washington, DC and that wonderful city I called home for 8 years. Now it will also be a reminder of this trying time San Diego has made it through. I think I'm about halfway through the stole now because I've started working on the cherry blossom petal sections. I've set it aside today to work on the Secret of the Stole, because hint 4 was released this morning.

I will probably find the camera later so I can post some shots of some FO's like the other Morgana's socks and some socks for me and my progress on both stoles.

Thank you for your comments this week--they've been a great morale boost in this scary time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flashpoint Flashbacks

It's like deja vu! It was just four years ago this week when we last had wildfires on this scale in our area. It was our anniversary that week too. I've told the DCA we really need to stop celebrating by having wildfires in SoCal. It's just not good for anyone when it happens!

So far, we're okay. We can see one of the fires from our dining room, but it still has quite a way to go before it reaches our neighborhood. Our cars are packed and ready to go--all we have to do is grab the cats and throw them in the car.

I know you're thinking, "What does an obsessed knitter pack when possibly evacuating their home?" Here's what I grabbed:
  • Every skein of unused sock yarn in the house
  • Sock pattern books
  • Knit Picks Options set
  • The other straights and DPNs
  • The ballwinder and swift
  • The UFOs and any yarn needed to finish them
Amazingly enough there was room in the car for all that even after we packed the college diplomas, framed wedding invitation, cross-stitched wedding sampler, the kids' cross-stitched birth announcements, and family photos in frames. We also grabbed our lockboxes with important papers, jewelry, sleeping bags, pillows, enough clothes and uniforms for a week, cellphone stuff, toiletries, Legos, a few books, and stuff for the cats. The PC will be disconnected and stuffed in the car as soon as we have an evac order.

We've been up since 3 a.m. when a friend called to tell me she and her girls were leaving home to go stay with a friend. The fire looked menacing in the dark so we finished our packing from the night before. The kids got up at 4 a.m. when they heard us moving around. In the light of day, it doesn't look nearly as bad--it's smoky but not unbearable. The winds are shifting and starting to blow away from our house so we might be able to stay here a bit longer. It's just a matter of "wait and see."

Right now, my favorite pair of jeans is in the dryer so I can wear them out of here when we leave. It's so important to have comfy clothes!

Private to the Other Morgana: Your package arrived safely on Friday before all this started. I loved every precious bit of it! The box from you is in the trunk of my car, and I tossed all your items into the top of it. It may still be a while before I can get it in the mail, but for now it's all stowed safe and sound.

To the other Hogwarts Swappers: I'm sorry for not posting pictures of Morgana's fabulous box, but the camera is stashed somewhere in one of the cars. It's just going to have to wait until later!

If you're in SoCal with me, I pray that God protects and blesses each one of you in this time of trial. If you're somewhere else, please pray for all of us here and all the fire and rescue workers who are working so hard to protect us. God be with you all!