Friday, October 26, 2007

Safe for Now

Thank you for all your prayers, mental hugs, and good wishes. Our family has made it safely through the 2007 wildfires. There are so many people who haven't though, so please keep praying for the ones who have lost homes and the firefighters and rescue workers who remain on the lines helping to fight and to control the remaining fires.

The fire actually came within 1 to 2 miles of our house on Tuesday morning. We waited all day for the reverse 911 phone call to tell us to evacuate our home. We spent Tuesday watching the firefighting helos drop water on the active flames on the hills and mountains behind our home. By Tuesday night, the fire line had moved back to the east with the help of changing winds, and we were out of immediate danger. We continued to watch the fires all day Wednesday and yesterday to ensure we were safe. As of this morning, there are no remaining active hot spots in the fire closest to our home, but the firefighters are remaining on station to control any smoldering areas. There are areas in the county with active fires though, and some people are still being evacuated from their homes.

When some friends of ours who had to evacuate moved back into their homes yesterday, we decided it was safe to unpack the cars, and we did that last night when the DCA got home from work. Through all this, we only lost the glass in one picture frame. We are so blessed--especially in light of all those who have lost so much.

I've spent this week watching the news--in spite of my class's media fast--and working on Hanami. I bought the yarn and pattern earlier this year to remind me the school's spring trip to Washington, DC and that wonderful city I called home for 8 years. Now it will also be a reminder of this trying time San Diego has made it through. I think I'm about halfway through the stole now because I've started working on the cherry blossom petal sections. I've set it aside today to work on the Secret of the Stole, because hint 4 was released this morning.

I will probably find the camera later so I can post some shots of some FO's like the other Morgana's socks and some socks for me and my progress on both stoles.

Thank you for your comments this week--they've been a great morale boost in this scary time.

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JessaLu said...

So glad to hear you all are okay!