Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My, How Time Flies...

I've been busy, busy, busy getting ready for the move. I've done some knitting, but I can't remember exactly what I've finished. I know I've finished some socks--including the tall Tibetan ones from Cat's new book--but I really couldn't tell you what else.

I turned over my classroom to my replacement yesterday. The school finally hired someone last week after knowing since August that I was leaving in February. God answers all prayers in His own time, but waiting until we're down to the wire was a bit stressful! I think I was supposed to learn patience from this process. Let's just say it was very weird to drop the kids off for school this morning and not go to my room to start my day. I'm really going to miss the daily math instruction...

Today the packers are here, and everything is starting to disappear into boxes. I can't believe the day is really here or that we're finally going home after 7 years in "exile." We love all our friends here, and we sure have enjoyed the SoCal weather, but it's just not home for us. We are headed back to Old Virginny, and we can't wait to live closer to all our family. The kids are starting to get really excited too in spite of leaving their friends behind.

I still won't be posting much as we go throught the transition, so the next time I write it will probably be from the other side. Hopefully, I'll have more knitting news then!

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