Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Weekend Full of FOs

I spent the majority of my three-day weekend with my pointy sticks and yarn. As a result, I finished four--count 'em, four--items for various and sundry people.

Last Friday evening, I started a hat for myself. I used the Le Slouch pattern by Wendy, and it only took me a few hours. It all began because I nearly froze while supervising the carpool lane on Friday afternoon. I told everyone I ran into that I was going home to knit a hat, and then I did. I used a skein of Plymouth Encore Colorspun I had in the meager stash. It was supposed to be a pair of slippers for me and then for mom in a previous life, but I think it works much better as a hat. I finished the ribbing before bed that night, and I spent Saturday working away on it while we walked around the Maritime Museum. I finished it while we walked back to the car, and I popped it on my head. It's been a huge success at school this week--some of the teachers and a bunch of the students say they want one just like it.

I was one of those children who never, ever wore a hat no matter what the weather because I thought it made me look like a nerd. It could be below freezing and snowing outside, and I would ignore my mother's pleas to wear a hat just so I wouldn't mess up my hair. Now, I enjoy ignoring my hair in favor of being warm and toasty. I should have listened all those years ago, because a hat certainly does help you stay warm. This is one instance in which you can believe the hype.

On Saturday afternoon, I started a Mason-Dixon bobbled washcloth for my friend's birthday. There's nothing like being 10 days late with the present, but I had to find just the right yarn. Turns out it was in the stash disguised as an unfinished scarf. I took the washcloth along with me to our church dinner group that night and knit away on it while we chatted and caught up with one another. I actually finished it while we were there and wove in all the ends. The finished cloth and a jar of yummy peppermint scrub were presented to the lucky recipient on Monday at the Roo's Girl Scout meeting.

I also finished off the single Fetching glove my other friend had requested. She wanted only one, and she wanted it extra long to cover her bangle bracelets while she crochets and works the sound board at church. I took the almost finished Fetching to the Saturday dinner, she tried it one, and then I wove in all the ends. It was made from my leftover County Clare STR, and she absolutely loves it. I showed her my pair of toasty STR socks I had on, and she can't wait to wash her glove and soften it up a bit.

On Sunday night, I finished the Roo's Weasley sweater. She was at a sleepover that night since there was no school Monday, so she put it on as soon as she got home. She wore it around all day Monday and rambled on an on about how much she loves her sweater. We started calling her the unknown Weasley since Ginny was supposedly the last of Molly's brood. It was a true act of love, because I don't think I will ever duplicate stitch another giant initial on anyone's sweater ever again. That was a truly tedious and somewhat painful experience.

My weekend success has turned into nothing but frogging moments this week. I've done nothing but start and frog two different socks all week. It's all an effort to find exactly the right pattern and stitch count so that I can live with my results. I guess I could give away the socks to someone who could wear them when they don't fit me, but I am determined that these socks will be mine.

I'll post some pictures of the sweater and the hat when I get a chance. The other two FOs are already living in their new homes, and they are currently unavailable for the photo shoot.

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Suzanne said...

I just found your blog and am really enjoying it! I am a Christian too and found you on the Christian Knitter's ring. I think we have a lot of things in common, I just recently made one of my sons a Weasley sweater and am about to frog a sweater that, if I am being completely honest with myself, will never wear.
Keep on blogging!