Sunday, November 25, 2007

Archibald Asparagus

You Veggie Tales fans out there will probably understand the reference. Even though I've supposedly had vacation this week, I still have Archie's song from "Are You My Neighbor?" running through my head. "Busy, busy, dreadfully busy..."

I had to work at school on Monday and Tuesday even though the kids were off. The staff normally attends a conference on those two days, but this year the school board elected to keep us home for in-services instead. I know it wasn't wasted time--we all got a lot of work done--but I really would have preferred to be at home with the DCA and the kids. I guess the highlight was knowing that all my lesson plans are written until Christmas, my homework assignment sheets for this week are done and posted online, and my report cards are written, sealed, and ready to go home on Wednesday.

Wednesday consisted of running a bunch of errands and a bit of knitting. Thanksgiving Day was probably the most restful of the bunch. We spent the afternoon with some friends, so I didn't have a lot of cooking to do. We just had to take along a bunch of side dishes to share. On Friday, the kids went to the Advent kick-off at church while the DCA and I got some Christmas shopping done. We are almost all finished except for shopping for each other.

On top of everything else I do, I'm the church's wedding hostess. Normally, it's a job I enjoy, but it was hard to get into this wedding since it was on the DCA's birthday. I really resented the interruption in my day with him. The rehearsal was on Friday evening, and it went fairly smoothly even though it was long. My friend, who always runs the sound board, and I will get some overtime pay out of it. The wedding was yesterday evening, and it was the longest wedding I've done in the last six years. The sermon during the ceremony was longer than any wedding I've done in the last six years. We actually had guests leave early! I certainly hope it was so they could get a head start on the way to the reception.

After the wedding, the DCA and I went out to a local Cuban restaurant to celebrate his big day. We didn't do anything fantabulous, but it was nice just to have some time with him. My favorite part of the day was when the children came to say good morning and happy birthday to him. They brought him a hand-written menu of items they wanted to make for his breakfast. He was very gracious and allowed them to serve him even though we had originally planned to take them out for pancakes or something. I did have to help a bit with the eggs, but it really is the thought that counts.

I've asked the DCA to help me take some pictures for the blog this afternoon, so I'm hoping to have a bunch of photos and updates to share. I just have to go look for everything that needs to be "shot"!

Back in a bit!

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