Friday, November 10, 2006

The Sock's Day Out

Please excuse me while I totally steal a page from Stephanie's book on traveling socks.

Today was a federal holiday and the school was closed, so we took the kids to the zoo. I, of course, took the sock in progress (which is STILL Jaywalker #2).

Here's what good ol' Jay got to see:

These are the zoo's polar bears play fighting for their human audience. No, I don't know how that extra hand got in there--it's not one of ours. The sock was rather frightened by this ursine display, so it stayed hidden in my knitting bag.

This was Round 2, even though it looks like the bears have kissed and made up. The DCA took both of these, because the kids and I had no chance of making our way through the wall-to-wall people to get close enough to the glass. Both pictures happened by chance when the bears just sort of "plopped" in front of him.

And, here we have the sock's favorite moment of the day--its pose with the camelids.

Yep, believe it or not, those are real, live Guanacos and relatives of those lovely Alpacas and Llamas we all adore. Yes, that's my hand, and no, I didn't knit the sweater--it was a steal at L.L. Bean.

The sock grew somewhat today on its wanderings around the park. Icarus grew this afternoon too. I think tomorrow will be a sock day, because I am growing weary of Jaywalker, and I'm itching to cast on in my *b-marie* from Scout. (I stole the photo from Karen's blog, because I'm too lazy to take my own picture.)

Don't forget to stop to thank a veteran tomorrow!

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