Thursday, January 12, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday – 2


Last Saturday was the Feast of St. Raymond of Peñafort, our parish patron. Each year, the church hosts a dinner for the volunteers who contribute to the running of the parish. I was blessed enough to attend as an R.E. teacher, member of the wedding committee, and money counter. I had a wonderful time catching up with a few other members of the wedding committee whom I had not seen in a while. The evening also fed my ego a bit as a few members of the knitting ministry repeatedly commented on the shawl I chose to wear that night. It was a great opportunity for me to practice thanking people without then launching into a discussion of my mad knitting skills. It’s so much easier to just say thank you without trying to draw more attention to myself. This is a lesson that has been very hard for me to learn and with which I need much more practice. (Obviously, since I’m mentioning my knitting prowess…again.)


Sunday just dragged by because the dear husband was away on business all this week. Why does time move so much slower when you are not with the ones you love most?


We had some snow on Monday, and I was privileged enough to run around in it during the evening rush hour. Three trips out to ferry the children about on the (thankfully clear) roads in a snow shower ranks up there among my least favorite things to do. Remind me tell you about having to take them to piano lessons in last January’s sneak-attack blizzard.


I went to Bible study on Tuesday, and we reviewed Matthew 4. Here are some interesting things my teacher brought up in class:

  • Jesus's trials in the desert during his 40-day trial are the opposite of Israel's sins in the desert during the 40-year Exodus.
  • Israel whined about food, and God had to provide it - Jesus fasted.
  • Israel tested God - Jesus refused to put God to the test.
  • Israel worshiped false gods - Jesus refused to worship Satan.
  • With each rebuke, Jesus quoted from the book of Deuteronomy. This would have meant much to a 1st century Jew, the intended audience of Matthew's gospel, and would have helped to point out Jesus as Messiah.


On Wednesday, I got to go on a search for flesh-colored tights for the girl who will be performing as “Little Cosette” in the school’s production of Les Mis. Thank goodness there is a well-stocked dance store not too far away that is able to cater to last-minute shopping drama mamas like me. Of course, I would not be a last-minute shopping drama mama if the directors would give me more than 5 days’ notice that she needs those tights before dress rehearsals begin…


I am re-addicted to “Downton Abbey” on PBS. I watched all of Season 1 by streaming them on Netflix this week, and I followed that up by watching the first episode of Season 2 online on Thursday.


I positively loathe Vera Bates for returning and pulling Mr. Bates away from Anna. I’m disappointed to see Thomas has returned – I would have liked to believe he was gone for good – but I guess the show needs a villain-type character to keep things interesting. I did think it was typical of his weasel-like character to arrange to be shot just to get away from the fighting. I’m mourning for Matthew and Mary who appear to have lost their chance to be together. I do find it particularly delicious though that Edith who previously called Mary a slut for some untoward behavior has now kissed the married farmer on whose farm she was working. I will love to see what Mary does with that bit of information!


And last, but not least, I’ve started a secret workout project with which to surprise my family at a later date. Details may emerge as things progress, but I am trying to keep this latest goal of mine under wraps. Let’s just say that I have made it through the first week, and it is easier than I thought it would be. In 8 more weeks, I hopefully will have some interesting fitness news for them which I hope will inspire them to join in.


Bless you this week!


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