Friday, January 20, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday – 3


If you’ve read my “about me” section, you know I’m a teacher on hiatus. I’m on hiatus by choice to be home with our teenaged kids during these critical years, but I’m also using it for educational purposes. I’m trying to add an endorsement to my teaching license so I can teach Algebra to middle school kids. Having a middle school math endorsement on your license apparently does not qualify you to teach Algebra to middle school kids.


Since I was an International Politics major in my undergrad years, this means I now have to complete all the coursework most people do to get a math major. No, I don’t get an extra degree after completing the 9 courses (7 required plus 2 prerequisites) I need for this endorsement. This means that with all the education courses I took just to get my teaching license, I will have 60+ credits of undergrad credit I’ve earned after getting my original degree. Lesson learned here? Choose your major wisely and with advanced thought and planning!


The good thing is that I can add the high school math endorsement with only 3 more courses beyond these 9 for middle school Algebra.


I’m blessed to be able to take most of these courses online through a local community college. The last two courses I have to take are only offered on campus, but I figure 2 out of 9 is pretty good average and worth it if I can spend most of my time at home.


What all this has been leading up to is that my latest course – Introduction to Computing – started last week. The first unit was very easy, and I finished all my work 4 days early. I already am not fond of the second unit's work. I don’t want to write five-paragraph footnoted essay or build a PowerPoint presentation on the topics of my choice – it’s my stubborn pride rearing its ugly head. I guess this is one of those humbling experiences where I have to accept that I’m in freshman level course and that the professor is assuming we know nothing. Why are humbling experiences so painful?


I watched the latest episode of “Downton Abbey” last night, and I’m so glad I only have to wait until Sunday to see the next one. I realized with guilty pleasure that it’s a bit like a soap opera with better writing, costumes, and drama. I am so wrapped up in the stories of Anna and Mr. Bates and of Mary and Matthew. I don’t have to be truly guilty though since it’s Masterpiece Theatre, right?


I finished week 2 of my secret workout project yesterday. Week 3 starts tomorrow. Right now, it’s easier than I expected, and I’m actually enjoying it. There must be some truth to those rumors about a “runner’s high”.


Bless you this week!


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