Sunday, December 31, 2006

Knitting Resolutions

I have been inspired by Scout. She has decided to "Just Froggit", and I'm jumping on board with her program.

I have decided to frog Icarus. Yes, I'm in the border, but I know I'm going to run out of yarn. I did not have a US size 3 circular needle when I began this project, but after last week's trip to the LYS, I now have one in my possession. I loved the way it was working up when it was young and small and I believed I had enough yarn. I want to go back to loving my Icarus! After I frog it, I will dedicate myself to its completion and work away until the very last stitch.

Here's the next challenge. I am going to frog the mohair travel shawl, which I actually made out of kid mohair. This means, I will have way too much fun delicately picking at my fuzzy yarn. The original pattern called for it to be worked in two pieces, and having completed the first half, I now have second-half syndrome. I no longer love the way this one was working up, so now I get to search for a new shawl pattern. I'm thinking about some options like Branching Out (which will give me plenty of leftovers), Print O' The Wave (but worked in one piece a la Mason-Dixon), Leaves and Waves, or more than likely the Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl. I've loved Snowdrop since the first time I saw it on the blog. With almost 2000 yds of hot pink mohair, I can't think of anything better to brighten up the winter and to get myself ready for spring.

I'll post pictures of my piles of fiber as soon as I rip them up!

It's time for our quiet family New Year's celebration. We're staying in tonight with mucho munchies, and the kids are trying to make it to midnight so they can watch any fireworks on TV. I think the Moose may crash early, but I'm almost positive the Roo will make it through. Anyone willing to lay odds on this one?

Have a safe and fun evening wherever you are. See you next year!

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Jamie said...

Huzzah for frogging!