Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two Steps Forward...

and one step back. This pretty much describes my knitting this week while I've been out of school. Let me spin you a yarn...

First, there was Icarus. Yes, I'm working away on it, but the super long rows are making it tedious for me. I started the last pattern repeat and got about halfway through it before realizing I was going to run out of yarn somewhere in the edging. So I had to frog an entire day's work. Thank goodness for that dental floss I put in there! The next day I started the edge, but kept switching between charts 2 and 3 instead of sticking with chart 2. I tried to knit chart 3's row 7 at least twice where it didn't belong. I think I must be desperate to move on to chart 3. Obviously more frogging was involved. I successfully finished chart 2 on Thursday, and my reward for doing that was starting a new sock.

I had to start a new sock because here are my County Clares I finished earlier this week:

They have cables at the top a la Fetching, they are worked in 4 x 1 ribbing down the leg and foot, they have what I consider a "normal" toe, and the afterthought heel. They also obviously need to be blocked.

Yesterday, we had to escape from the cleaning lady. The kids and I don't like to be home while she's here, because we feel like we're in the way. We went out to breakfast, and after eating, entertained ourselves by reciting the names and performing the hand motions for all the states from Maine to Wisconsin. I'm sure the other diners thought we were nuts. It's a memory device called Motion USA used in our 2nd grade class to help the students learn the names of all 50 states. The kids' favorite sign of the moment is Wisconsin. You use your hands to form a triangle and hold it above your head, and it's supposed to remind you of the Cheeseheads. They find it extremely hilarious. After breakfast, we went to the chiropractor and to the library. Then, we went to the yarn store. Oh my!

I had my Christmas gift certificate from my school secret sister, and it was burning a hole in my pocket! I have lots of new treasures like Trekking for the Moose, which is already turning into a sock,

Trekking for the Roo,

and some yummy alpaca

which is going to turn into this for me.

The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple. I don't normally wear hooodies, but I really want to try one, and I'm hoping this will scratch the sweater itch I've been feeling lately. If not, I'll probably do the Perfect Sweater from over at Mason-Dixon.

Moose's sock is a result of my rebellion against my Lisa Souza Mardi Gras Sock! Merino. I have started and frogged a sock in that yarn about 5 times this week. I just can't find a pattern to suit me that works up small enough to fit me. I decided (duh!) it must be a gauge problem, so I also broke down and bought some US size 0 Addis so I can try again. I really want to knit Lombard, and I hope this solves my problem.
The DCA and I finished the wrapping last night, and I finally feel ready for Christmas. All that's left to do now is to pick up the ingredients for all the Christmas dinner yummies, so we're off to the store to do our last-minute shopping. I'm sure we'll have lots of company!

After that, I'm going to sink into the sofa with Icarus and the Trekking sock, play some Christmas carols, listen to my children playing, and get lost in the wonder of Christ's entry into the world.

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