Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You Know You Want To!

Go see Stephanie over at her blog. Once again, she is promoting a fundrasier for Doctors without Borders, and she is encouraging knitters to double our previous contributions. The goal for this holiday season is to bring the cumulative total on her page to $240,000. Help share the Light of this Christmas season with those less fortunate--give a few dollars to a great cause! (P.S. All donors become eligible for a drawing after the deadline!)

And in today's news: I finished the County Clare socks last night. I'm odd, I admit it--I love using Kitchener stitch to graft toes, so adding an "afterthought heel" that had to be grafted too was especially fun. It ends up looking somewhat like a short row heel, but with the decrease ridges that look like those on the toe. I still prefer a heel flap, but I may use this option occasionally when a pattern calls for a short row heel--I prefer this look. Sensational Knitted Socks says this is also a great option when people wear out their heels quickly. Apparently, the heel can be easily removed and replaced when needed because it was not knitted as part of the main body of the sock.

Today's project? Icarus. I'm feeling the need for some Black Bunny Fibers between my fingers, so I'm going to go see if I have enough laceweight to make it through the border. I'll keep you posted!

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