Sunday, December 24, 2006

Progress of Sorts

As expected, I am tired of Icarus. After Friday's trip to the LYS, all I've done is work on new socks. I made a plain vanilla sock for Moose in his chosen yarn, and I've started a plain vanilla sock for Roo in her chosen yarn. I love these socks! After fighting with the Mardi Gras sock yarn for so long, it was nice to see some forward movement in my knitting.

I will keep working on my socks today, and I'm thinking about dragging out the Mohair shawl instead of Icarus. It's miles and miles of mindless garter stitch except for the edging, so it will be good TV knitting. I'm DVR-ing oodles of Christmas shows to watch later, so I'll need something for all those programs.

Tonight's agenda includes feeding the reindeer, leaving out gingerbread cookies for Santa and a piece of cheese for Santa Mouse, and possibly attending my first 11 o'clock communion service since the kids were born. Having small children in the house who can't be left for long periods of time absolutely precludes my attendance at such solemn occasions. They both want to got to church tonight for the Communion and Carols service instead of to the more family oriented 7 o'clock service. It's the first time they have ever been interested in staying up for the late service, and I'm inclined to let them go if they can make it. We're going to take it slowly today and judge their readiness for this grand event by their behavior towards one another and us. I find the late service to be more intimate and more holy for welcoming Christ's birth, and I will be thrilled to be able to go this year if we can.

Enjoy the watchful moments while you wait for Him to arrive!

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