Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Am Adored

Valentine's Day Rocks!

My students at school love me. I got a Starbucks mug and card, some chocolate covered espresso beans, cookies, homemade English toffee, and a copy of the teacher's prayer. I also received some assorted valentines, and one of them was from a student in another class! They must not know me very well! Tee hee!

My children love me. They made me homemade Valentines, and they used up the extras from their Valentines for school and gave them to the DCA and me.

And most importantly, the DCA adores me. I, the poorly organized one, bought gifts online and NONE of them arrived in time for Valentine's Day. Two will arrive on Feb. 15, and the other two will arrive in a week or two. (No cookie for this bad Valentine!) I stopped at the store on the way home to buy cards and some chocolate-covered strawberries to expiate my lack of planning. As I was unloading my school stuff from the car, the DCA met me in the driveway with dinner from Buca di Beppo, and a bag of surprises. It was the coolest Valentine's Day ever!

Dinner was the chopped antipasta salad, rigatoni positano, and tiramisu. The kids were at church for the mid-week children's program, so we got to eat alone at the dining room table with jazz playing in the background. It was the best! We also shared a bottle of wine, and it's been ages since we've done that. After dinner, I was presented with some personalized M&Ms which followed yesterday's two dozen roses (so I can enjoy them longer). Then, I got to open my bag of surprises.

I'm not sure they were really meant for Valentine's Day, or maybe they were, but they oh-so-conveniently arrived at the yarn store this afternoon. The DCA went in the store--by himself!--a couple of weeks ago, and he ordered me--wait for it--my very own ballwinder and swift. He knew how tired I was of winding my own balls of yarn by hand, and bought me the best presents ever! You can keep your diamond jewelry, because my new toys rock!

So, I spent my Valentine's evening in the way every knitter should--I wound every hank of yarn in the house that I could find. It was a dream come true! (We'll just forget that whole part where I had to fight with a skein that wouldn't fit the swift and it got tangled and wouldn't play nice with the ball winder.) Now I need to find an appropriate way to thank the DCA--I'm sure I'll think of something!

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