Tuesday, February 20, 2007

13 Down, 16 to Go!

I spent the morning grading some of those evil Science Fair papers. It's so much easier to do once you're on a roll. It also helps to have a sugar-high and a great cup of coffee to keep you company while you're working.

Time for lunch and a quick knit before I head back up to school for my weekly math homework help!

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That's my middle name said...

Lisa did you get your socks that rock yet? Still waiting on mine.... The bunny is from a Fibertrends pattern called Bunny Fun. I'm not especially fond of the photo on their pattern - one of the reasons I wanted to make it! I think half the battle of making cute stuffed dolls or animals is in the finishing touches on the face and the buttons chosen for the eyes. The bunny came with me to the fabric store to try eyes on! I ended up with 1/4" half round ones.