Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bonus Socks

Along with all my other knitting, I participated in two sock exchanges this year. One was Sockapalooza 4, and my pal was the famous Adminnie over at LimeNViolet. She made me the most wonderful socks! I wish I could get the pattern, but they were a test knit so it's not available yet. I feel so special knowing that I have the socks before anyone else. Insert maniacal laugh here. Here is one of Minnie's fabulous socks. Aren't they gorgeous? The shades of blue really are among my favorite colors!

She also sent some pretty, pretty stitch markers to fit my DPNs. I am searching for a sock pattern that calls for markers just so I can use them! I got some yummy chocolate too, but that's long gone! Don't you just love the knitting themed note card?

Morgana Too from the Hogwarts 2 sock swap says I am the best sock pal ever, but I happen to disagree. I think SHE is the best sock pal ever! Here are all my treasures! The Harry Potter things are the coolest, and I am keeping them well hidden from the kids because they are coveting them madly! I really love my bonus row counter--I can never have too many of those because I lose mine like some people lose tape measures. The stripey socks fit perfectly, and are super-comfy. I especially like how she made the textured stripes in the cuff. I have never thought of doing that in a sock!

I can't wait to try out my new DPNs (maybe they'll go with Adminnie's markers) on the socks I have planned for the Roo. They're next in the queue after I finish Moose's socks.

Here are the socks I made for Morgana Too's package. They were a bit challenging because of the slip stitch, but I loved every second I spent making them. I think I like the slip stitch mosaic patterns in the Sensational Socks books ever more than regular colorwork like Fair Isle. Unfortunately, one of the socks is currently back visiting me for some small repairs. It basically amounts to darning a hole, so it shouldn't take too long. Morgana Too will have her sock back in no time!

I had such fun with Morgana Too's pattern that I also made her a bookmark to go in her package that matched her socks. I unvented someone else's pattern who had contributed it to the sock swap blog. I read through what she had done, and I had a pretty good idea of how to start my own version. I started toe up on one end of the bookmark, knitted for a bit, used Fair Isle style colorwork to mimic the pattern in the sock, and then finished it off by kntting the other end cuff down. I would definitely try this one again, but I don't know if I would do the colorwork in the middle. I think this one might have been a once in a lifetime offering only for Morgana Too. It was fun to try out, and I think it might be a good way to use up some extra sock yarn to make some small Christmas presents. It might be time to start working a couple for the kids and my teaching partner at school.

Believe it or not, I still have more to show you, so come back in a few for the latest update!


dragon knitter said...

i'm so glad you like the socks i made you. and you make me giggle everytime you call me famous, lol!

i buy those notecards where ever i find them. i actually got those at michaels, on sale for $1 a pack!

Morgana Lovegoods said...

It is funny that you say the sock-fix is just a "darning" issue, because that's what I said when I found it!

I'm so glad the socks I made fit you; I was very worried about that. And I can't take full credit for the pattern, my sister suggested it. Ok, I can't take any credit for it but I am anyway!