Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Real FO

And in what might be my last update for the day, I present a real finished object--my oversized cardigan.

The yarn was originally intended for a turtleneck, but it was just too "thick and thin" and too chunky. It works much better this way. It was a very fast project--only a week from start to finish even though I had to work each day. I even liked doing the finishing on this one!

The pattern is from Knitter's Stash, and it claims to be "one size fits all". It must be true because the kids can fit in it with me when I wear it! Ha ha! I like that it's too big, because there is even more to wrap up in when it's chilly.

I probably should find some suitable buttons for it someday, but since it's so big I don't really see the point. I may just invent a tie for it instead!

For now, I'm going back to my shawl. I really would like to be all caught up on Mystic Waters for this week for a change!

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