Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Real FO

And in what might be my last update for the day, I present a real finished object--my oversized cardigan.

The yarn was originally intended for a turtleneck, but it was just too "thick and thin" and too chunky. It works much better this way. It was a very fast project--only a week from start to finish even though I had to work each day. I even liked doing the finishing on this one!

The pattern is from Knitter's Stash, and it claims to be "one size fits all". It must be true because the kids can fit in it with me when I wear it! Ha ha! I like that it's too big, because there is even more to wrap up in when it's chilly.

I probably should find some suitable buttons for it someday, but since it's so big I don't really see the point. I may just invent a tie for it instead!

For now, I'm going back to my shawl. I really would like to be all caught up on Mystic Waters for this week for a change!

Bonus Socks

Along with all my other knitting, I participated in two sock exchanges this year. One was Sockapalooza 4, and my pal was the famous Adminnie over at LimeNViolet. She made me the most wonderful socks! I wish I could get the pattern, but they were a test knit so it's not available yet. I feel so special knowing that I have the socks before anyone else. Insert maniacal laugh here. Here is one of Minnie's fabulous socks. Aren't they gorgeous? The shades of blue really are among my favorite colors!

She also sent some pretty, pretty stitch markers to fit my DPNs. I am searching for a sock pattern that calls for markers just so I can use them! I got some yummy chocolate too, but that's long gone! Don't you just love the knitting themed note card?

Morgana Too from the Hogwarts 2 sock swap says I am the best sock pal ever, but I happen to disagree. I think SHE is the best sock pal ever! Here are all my treasures! The Harry Potter things are the coolest, and I am keeping them well hidden from the kids because they are coveting them madly! I really love my bonus row counter--I can never have too many of those because I lose mine like some people lose tape measures. The stripey socks fit perfectly, and are super-comfy. I especially like how she made the textured stripes in the cuff. I have never thought of doing that in a sock!

I can't wait to try out my new DPNs (maybe they'll go with Adminnie's markers) on the socks I have planned for the Roo. They're next in the queue after I finish Moose's socks.

Here are the socks I made for Morgana Too's package. They were a bit challenging because of the slip stitch, but I loved every second I spent making them. I think I like the slip stitch mosaic patterns in the Sensational Socks books ever more than regular colorwork like Fair Isle. Unfortunately, one of the socks is currently back visiting me for some small repairs. It basically amounts to darning a hole, so it shouldn't take too long. Morgana Too will have her sock back in no time!

I had such fun with Morgana Too's pattern that I also made her a bookmark to go in her package that matched her socks. I unvented someone else's pattern who had contributed it to the sock swap blog. I read through what she had done, and I had a pretty good idea of how to start my own version. I started toe up on one end of the bookmark, knitted for a bit, used Fair Isle style colorwork to mimic the pattern in the sock, and then finished it off by kntting the other end cuff down. I would definitely try this one again, but I don't know if I would do the colorwork in the middle. I think this one might have been a once in a lifetime offering only for Morgana Too. It was fun to try out, and I think it might be a good way to use up some extra sock yarn to make some small Christmas presents. It might be time to start working a couple for the kids and my teaching partner at school.

Believe it or not, I still have more to show you, so come back in a few for the latest update!

To Be Blocked and Finished

I am an extraordinary procrastinator. Anyone who knows me at all can vouch for this fact. Today, however, I have made some effort to overcome my shortcomings and present these (sort of) finished objects. The knitting is all done, but they still need a few ends tied off and/or they need to be blocked. (I really need to invest in some blocking wires!)

Here are this summer's socks. First up is Fawkes. I used the Chinese New Year yarn from Scout's Indie Swag Round 1. I really like them, but with some loose ends, I haven't had the chance to wear them.

The same is true for my Rockin' Sock Club Solstice Slip Socks. They are absolutely yummy--Socks That Rock really is my favorite sock yarn--but they have loose ends too.

I also finished a pair of socks in Perchance to Knit's Dianthus Pinks colorway. This is one of the patterns from Interweave's 25 Favorite Socks.

Here is the Chevron Scarf I made for my mom while we were on vacation. I really have to get this one finished, because it's supposed to be for Christmas! It's made from more Socks That Rock in Mudslide and In the Navy.

This is my version of Maude that I made for the knit along. I would love to be wearing this in our lovely SoCal fall weather, but I'm too lazy to get out my dental floss and sewing pins.

Here is my new beanie for this winter in case I get tired of Le Slouch. The pattern looked interesting one night so I went stash diving and cast on for it immediately. I think I'll tie it off today so I can wear it this week.

Here is my Hanami stole. This is what I used to occupy my time during the wildfires back in October. This one will be finished in time for spring even if I have to unvent some blocking wires from old clothes hangers!

Last but not least is my finished project for Secret of the Stole. I still haven't figured out the theme yet, but to be honest, I haven't really tried. Work has kept me way too busy to play with puzzles. I'll just wait for the announcement when it comes out. I may give in and block this one with dental floss this week. It might be nice to wear it for the DCA's party for work on Friday.

Stay tuned there is more to come!

Archibald Asparagus

You Veggie Tales fans out there will probably understand the reference. Even though I've supposedly had vacation this week, I still have Archie's song from "Are You My Neighbor?" running through my head. "Busy, busy, dreadfully busy..."

I had to work at school on Monday and Tuesday even though the kids were off. The staff normally attends a conference on those two days, but this year the school board elected to keep us home for in-services instead. I know it wasn't wasted time--we all got a lot of work done--but I really would have preferred to be at home with the DCA and the kids. I guess the highlight was knowing that all my lesson plans are written until Christmas, my homework assignment sheets for this week are done and posted online, and my report cards are written, sealed, and ready to go home on Wednesday.

Wednesday consisted of running a bunch of errands and a bit of knitting. Thanksgiving Day was probably the most restful of the bunch. We spent the afternoon with some friends, so I didn't have a lot of cooking to do. We just had to take along a bunch of side dishes to share. On Friday, the kids went to the Advent kick-off at church while the DCA and I got some Christmas shopping done. We are almost all finished except for shopping for each other.

On top of everything else I do, I'm the church's wedding hostess. Normally, it's a job I enjoy, but it was hard to get into this wedding since it was on the DCA's birthday. I really resented the interruption in my day with him. The rehearsal was on Friday evening, and it went fairly smoothly even though it was long. My friend, who always runs the sound board, and I will get some overtime pay out of it. The wedding was yesterday evening, and it was the longest wedding I've done in the last six years. The sermon during the ceremony was longer than any wedding I've done in the last six years. We actually had guests leave early! I certainly hope it was so they could get a head start on the way to the reception.

After the wedding, the DCA and I went out to a local Cuban restaurant to celebrate his big day. We didn't do anything fantabulous, but it was nice just to have some time with him. My favorite part of the day was when the children came to say good morning and happy birthday to him. They brought him a hand-written menu of items they wanted to make for his breakfast. He was very gracious and allowed them to serve him even though we had originally planned to take them out for pancakes or something. I did have to help a bit with the eggs, but it really is the thought that counts.

I've asked the DCA to help me take some pictures for the blog this afternoon, so I'm hoping to have a bunch of photos and updates to share. I just have to go look for everything that needs to be "shot"!

Back in a bit!