Friday, August 18, 2006

Amphibians on a Summer Evening

Rippit! Rippit!

I started the heel flap on the second Fuzzy Feet slipper for the DCA this afternoon. I knit happily away on it before I took the Moose to piano and while he had his lesson. I turned the heel and started to consider where I needed to pick up stitches along the flap so I could begin the gusset.

Wait a minute, why was there an odd number of stitches in my turned heel? Did I decrease incorrectly? No, it couldn't be! But, oh yes, it could! I had one extra stitch in my heel flap. I briefly considered leaving it--it would all be felted together anyway, right? But could I leave that extra stitch there, knowing that it would taunt me each time I gazed upon these slippers on the DCA's feet? Of course not! So, the amphibians began to sing a summer chorus for me as I frogged the entire heel flap and started over. I was so silly to think I might actually have another finished object tonight...sigh...

I will now think positively as I consider that I now have 22 extra stitches worth of the crimson wool with which to knit these lovely slippers for my favorite Sooners fan. It's an extra 22 stitches worth of the dwindling supply that tells me the frogs may still be lying in wait for these Fuzzy Feet. Stay tuned for updates on attacking amphibians.

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