Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One Down, One to Go

I finished the Wavy scarf for LNO! Roo says she will absolutely love the scarf and that it's pretty. I love how the curved ribbing gives a simple, but elegant, feel to what could have been just another boring scarf. I will try to post a picture when it's not quite so late in the evening.

I started my scarf almost immediately which surprised me--I normally don't like to knit the same pattern again right away, so I must enjoy this one. I am using the rejected multi-color yarn for mine, the color is not pooling in weird, unexpected ways, and I am loving it! I am starting to yearn for a chill in the weather just so I can wear it.

I also cast on for a "Magic Friend" from the book Knitter's Stash. It's just a really basic stuffed animal pattern, but I'm trying to make some modifications to it so it feels more seamless. The book called for a yarn that resembles the evil Fun Fur, and I am trying to use the leftover Alpaca from my stole. Since evil Fun Fur would normally hide cast-ons and bind-offs, I am trying to cleverly hide them from my lovely, smooth Alpaca. I still haven't decided if it should be a bunny, bear, or cat. I also haven't decided whether to donate it to the annual craft fair at church or to keep it around--it is so hard to let go of the Alpaca!

I am off to neglect my knitting in favor of a classic American novel!

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