Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Surrender!

I went to the Sock of the Month Club class at Bonita Knitting yesterday, and I learned how to start a toe-up sock. Apparently, I am a fairly advanced sock knitter and don't really need to attend classes. They have invited me to come back to hang out on Saturdays for their clinic (read SnB). I'm excited, because the whole point of my joining the club was to find other sock knitters to hang out with. The best part is the clinic is free! I will probably be headed back over there soon.

While I was at the class, I showed off the DCA's black socks on two circs. I said the main reason I started them was just to prove I could, but I complained about how clumsy and slow I felt while working on them. The instructor asked, "So why don't you put them on DPNs and finish them in a method you like?" At that point, I felt like I finally had permission to move one of them off the circs to DPNs. Why would I need permission to do that? I'm so obsessive compulsive about finishing a project the way I start it!

So, I gave in and put one of the socks on DPNs. The other sock is still on the two circular needles, and it's the one I'm working on. Now I know why some knitters prefer this method! The circular needle sock is speeding along now that the second sock is out of the way. It was just too awkward before with the second sock and ball of yarn in the way. I'm hoping to have the socks done by the end of the week since I go back to work tomorrow.

While I was at the store, I also gave in to my dreams of laceweight, and I bought four balls of Crystal Palace Kid Merino in Code Pink. I have started working on the Mohair Travel Shawl which appears in the scarves and shawls insert that came with Interweave's Fall 2006 issue (it originally appeared in the Summer 2001 issue). It's a very simple pattern, and the laceweight itself is keeping it interesting. I was afraid the endless garter stitch might make me bored too quickly, but I am still having to pay attention to the yarn because it's so new to me. The shawl is a great "in-between" project while I wait for my Clapotis's yarn.

I have a few more things to do today to get ready for school tomorrow, and the socks, the socks they are a-calling!

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Wendy said...

I'm afraid of Toe- Up!!! And, I really want to knit those Baudelaire socks in Knitty. . .

Good luck with yours!