Saturday, August 19, 2006

Behold the Fuzzy Feet!

After yesterday's frogged heel flap, I was absolutely determined to finish the DCA's Fuzzy Feet today. I took them to the Girl's Night Out potluck dinner for church last night and knitted by the side of the pool. I took them to my favorite LYS this morning and worked on them during Roo's class. I came home and knitted some more during our Lord of the Rings marathon this afternoon.

I am happy to announce they are semi-finished--all that awaits is a trip through the washing machine to felt them to their proper size. This time, I will pay closer attention to the required felting time so they actually fit the DCA's feet (my first attempt fit the Moose instead). Note to self: the felting instructions really do mean it when they say check your felted item every 2 to 3 minutes throughout the wash cycle.

Here they are in all their pre-felted glory....

I'll include a post-felting shot (maybe the DCA will even wear them!) as soon as the next load of laundry hits the spin cycle.

The Alpaca stole is still crying for my attention, so I'm back to my needles!

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