Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Things I Learned at the Movies

Last night, instead of working away steadily on my fuzzy blue Alpaca stole, I happily left the kids with the DCA and slipped away for a chick flick movie night with my friend. (The Devil Wears Prada and The Lake House were playing back-to-back!) Since I can't sit still without something in my fingers, I took my knitting along. I didn't take just any knitting to the movies--I took the black socks on two circs to the movies. Call me crazy, but I did it anyway. We sat in the very front row, and because of the ambient light from the screen, I was actually able to see the black stitches on the shiny points of my Addi Turbos (Fans of Brenda, you may mentally insert the Star Wars light saber noise here).

I only dropped two stitches in four hours--I don't think that's too bad overall. I found one of the stitches at the theater, but I fixed it incorrectly and had to re-do it at home. I didn't find the second stitch until the second movie was almost over, so I stuck it on a stitch holder (a most excellent little gadget) and picked it up at home in the 250 Watts of lovely brightness that is my downstairs bath. Picking up stitches on a black sock knit on 2mm Addis is somewhat painful under any circumstances.

The real dark spot (it's dark at the movies, get it?) in my evening was leaving my prescription sunglasses in the theater when they fell off my knitting bag. D'oh! I really don't know why I took them in the theater because a) it's dark in there and b) it was dark when the movies got out. I guess it's okay though--I took it as a sign of needing to get my eyes checked since I was a year overdue anyway.

As a result, I went to the optometrist this morning, and I got the whole shebang including eye dilation. Did you know that trying to knit teeny sock stitches with dilated eyes is a true test of your knitting dedication? They look REALLY fuzzy on those tiny needles! The doctor said that I now know what my eyesight will be like when I'm 80--I have so much to look forward to.

Anyway, I have new sunglasses in hand, and my new regular glasses will be ready in a week--they have that way cool anti-glare scratch coat on them, dontcha know? In addition to my two normal prescriptions, she also gave me two back-up scrips just in case--one is for computer work (in case I have a sudden increase in my computer time) and the other one is for close work or for reading if I feel like I need them. Does knitting count as close work? Ha! As if I'd drop another $300 on a third pair of glasses...

I hear the Alpaca whining in the other room. It is now extremely jealous of the time I spent with the socks last night and today, so I'm headed off to pay it some much needed attention. Maybe I'll have another FO tomorrow!

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