Monday, August 21, 2006

I Threw It to the Frogs

After a while, the color pooling went away as the Clapotis started its slanted rows. I was rather happy with it until I switched skeins of yarn. My latest idea for LNO's scarf called for 5 bands of color--3 each of the multi and 2 each of pale pink. In the store, the multi and the pink appeared to match; in the scarf, they were a miserable combination. I went to bed last night, and I couldn't sleep for thinking about this terrible turn of events.

This morning, I was so frustrated that I frogged the whole thing and went looking for a new pattern. I found the Wavy scarf pattern at Knitty, and I think it's going to work out just fine. I went diving into my meager stash and pulled out the plain purple I initially meant for LNO's mini-Clapotis before I found the multi. The new scarf will only be 30 stitches wide instead of the 42 called for in the pattern, and it will have purple ends on a long pale pink center. It's going to be fabulous after last night's disaster.

The positive side of all this is that I now feel completely comfortable with the Clapotis pattern. I know the silk/merino blend I chose for my version is a much better selection for the pattern than the one I was using last night. I can't wait for my yarn to arrive!

I think I will knit a second Wavy scarf for myself out of the three skeins of multi I am going to have left from the Clapotis's demise. I was always coveting the multi for myself anyway. Besides, fall is coming, and you can't have too many scarves.

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